What to do with your business card?

So now you have your business card what are you going to do with them. Well you need to get shot of them. They are absolutely no use if you hang on to them, you must find people to give them to, but where?

If you haven't already been networking yet, then I strongly suggest you get started. When you start to look, you will find you can pretty much fill your entire week going to meetings.

Have at the ready an "elevator speech" and practice it, you might need it, as quite a few ask everyone to do a 1 minute talk all about their business.

Networking groups were not created equal, find one that works for you and stick at it, if nothing else it constantly reminds me, that everything is forever changing and this it a great way to keep in touch.

I was at an IT meeting I am part of that meets once a month and yes I gave everyone there my new card, there are only five of us. I wanted to know what John who is currently getting lots of new business was doing to be making that happen. When he started he was going to networking meetings almost everyday! He didn't have any clients so he could do this. I wonder why he has lots of business? Der join the dots people. I must also add he has a great follow up "Thank you" he uses.

It is so easy when you have been running your business for a while to forget what it was you did when you started.

Networking is just one of the strings to your marketing bow but if nothing else it can help to keep you grounded.

In my next article I will explore the other marketing things that we do at Matcom.