This blog is about how to start a business of your own. I started my first business selling the "Evening News" when I was 11. I will describe more of this over the the coming months. I want to show it really isn't hard to get started and I will tell you about my experiences and the things I learned along the way.

Starting a business is so easy

The UK must be one of the easiest places in the world to start a business of your own. You just simply get on with it. Can it really be that easy, is so is. Yes there are areas where there is regulation and you must get the relevant permissions and certificates but for the majority of things there is not when you start out.

For the most part if it is not a "regulated" industry, like food or gas instrallation, you can simply start doing it.


Ok so you need to keep track of what you buy and what you sell. The paperwork has to be done and my advice would be to keep on top of it at a frequency that suits you and your business. Yes in the long run there is a bit to get to understand but you really don't have to get stuck worrying about tax and so on when you start, unless of course you are starting Amazon.